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HUNT INSTITUTE for Botanical Documentation

Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, PA


Looking Back: An International Retrospective, Part 1

At EINA University School of Art and Design, one of my teachers, Patricio Velez, organised for us to work with him and the Botanical Gardens in Mont Juic. We went there once a week for three years. Patricio was an exceptional teacher, and pushed us all to look for clarity, detail and to understand the layers of colour in plants. We worked with the gardeners who prepared plants and flowers behind the scenes in the herbarium, before being seen by the public. As a class we had an exhibition in a key gallery in Girona and this class truly changed the lives of a number of us who attended the three years. When I decided to do my MFA in New York City the Botanical Gardens in Barcelona made a personal call on my behalf so I could continue this work at The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. My work was shown to The Hunt Institute of Botanical Documentation at Carnegie Mellon University and they acquired two of my drawings of trees, shown below, that I drew in the open air at Parc Guell in Barcelona.

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