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Moments from History in a Chocolate Box

I have been making these miniature scenes for several years. They are very small chocolate boxes and represent important, pivotal and historical events sometimes forgotten or overseen and less in the lime light.

Newsreel Filmmaking Collective filming the documentary Columbia Revolt (1968)

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky having their affair in the Oval Office (1995)

Richard Nixon, E. Howard Hunt, John Mitchell, Bernard Barker, James McCord and Frank Sturgis in the basement of the Howard Johnson Motel planning the break-in of Democratic National Committee Headquarters at the Watergate Office Building (1971)

Larry Kramer and Joseph Papp watching a rehearsal of his play The Normal Heart at The Public Theater, New York (1985)


Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings having their affair in his bed chamber at Monticello (1787)  


Judy Garland on the set of Wizard of Oz being given her drugs by a studio executive (1938)

Henry Vandyke Carter doing the drawings for Henry Gray’s book, Gray’s Anatomy (1856)

Hans and Sophie Scholl from the White Rose Resistance Group being executed by the Nazis in Munich during WW2 (1943)

Gertrude Stein and Alice Babette Toklas leaving the apartment building 150 West 55th Street in New York of their friend Carl Van Vechten (1934)

Christine Keeler astride an Arne Jacobson chair being photographed by Lewis Morley (1963)

The Theodore Roosevelt equestrian statue by James Earle Frasor being removed from the facade of The American Museum of Natural History in New York City (2022)

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